Healing Through Creating

Sometimes the best way to let go of any heartbreak, pain, or frustration is to make art out of it. Be it with music, photographs, or words, it doesn't matter which medium you use just as long as you make something out of the feelings you're experiencing. That way you will be able to let go of those feelings more quickly while having created a beautiful composition in the process.

The Budding of the Orchids

Today I am letting go of some disappointment in my life, and I am doing that through this photo I took earlier in the day. True, it may not reflect the word “disappointment” in the literal sense, but I took it while feeling disappointed, so it reflects the beauty I wish to replace the feelings of disappointment with instead.

What's more, I've found it to help me feel better knowing that I've made something positive out of something unpleasant inside of myself, which just goes to prove that art (in all of its forms) will forever be the best medicine for the soul.


  1. Anonymous2/10/2012

    This uplifts me. Your photograph, and the meaning behind it. Beautiful post, Vee. Take more pictures! The world needs to see more of you.

    - ME!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Anonymous! I'm glad I know who you really are or else the "ME!" at the end would have left me stumped for days trying to figure out which "me" it is. There are so many possibilities after all. ;)

      As for taking more pictures, you can count on it! ♥