One Year Later

It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since the March 11th tsunami in the Tohoku region of Japan. I distinctly remember waking up that day to the devastating photos and videos of the water destroying everything in its path and desperately calling my friends in Japan to check if they were okay. It was a chilling reminder of just how powerful nature can be, and I couldn’t even envision back then how the country was ever going to recover from such a tragedy.

Flash forward to a year later and things have slowly been getting better. Granted, there is still an immense amount of work to be done and the radiation from the nuclear plants will remain in the air for quite some time, but with the help and efforts of so many people, the area has slowly begun to heal.

My sincere wish is that the Tohoku region will one day be completely restored so that the people who have lost their homes and family members can return and pick up the pieces of their lives again. I have faith that one day it will. 

(On a related note, if you have an hour to spare I highly recommend the BBC documentary up top about the children who experienced the tsunami first hand. It’s extremely heartbreaking, but inspiring at the same time. Those children are so mature!)

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  1. Anonymous3/14/2012

    Very strong people. I'll have to check out that documentary. And a job well done on this post, too.

    - Me (maybe I should just get an account so I can stop signing off like this..)