Hello Spring

My weapon tool of choice
Due to the freakishly warm weather we’ve been having here lately (80 degrees in March, are you kidding me?!), my mother and I decided to indulge ourselves in a little springtime gardening over at my uncle’s house today since the conditions were just right. Granted, it wasn’t  “gardening” so much as it was just cleaning the bushes and grass of the dead leaves and weeds, but gardening tools were used at some point during the day and thus I was a gardener for a few hours. However, the heat was so incredibly powerful during the time we were there that it was impossible to work for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Dehydration and sun damage were the biggest fears, naturally. However, we managed to clean up the area really well while getting some vitamin D intake at the same time. 

You know, it’s truly amazing how just two weeks ago we were shoveling our cars out of the snow while today we were in short sleeves and capris. Maine weather will never fail to amuse me.

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